Brooklyn Brewery makes some of the best beer you'll pour today.

Co-founder Steve Hindy, whose journalism resume includes Middle East correspondent for The Associated Press and foreign news editor at Newsday, was a home-brewer. He's also president of Brooklyn Brewery and the exceedingly qualified author of "The Craft Beer Revolution" (Palgrave/ Macmillan, $25), a present- at-the-creation account about the microbreweries that have made us all raise a pint in celebration.

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It's an entertaining, richly informed taste of history, and essential reading, whether you're new to craft beer or remember your first sip of Anchor Steam.

Last year, the United States had more than 2,700 craft breweries and 1,500 in the works. "At its heart, the craft beer movement is a quest by a band of Davids to bring down the Goliaths," Hindy says. The colorful entrepreneurs "fought the battles over taste buds to gain acceptance of their quirky tasty beers."

This is their story, with successes and failures, infighting and unity. It has led to a business that brings in $10 billion-plus in annual sales and accounts for 10 percent of the U.S. market. But the impact is beyond the dollars.

Try Brooklyn's Pennant Ale '55, for the Dodgers of memory; or Blast!, for hoppiness of the moment. Or a brew from Rogue or Dogfish Head or Allagash. Stay local with Barrier, Great South Bay, Greenport, Southampton Publick, or the next one you see.

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And grab some buds -- lowercase "B."