Dear Cast of Glee,

Hi. You probably don't know who I am. I'm an enormous fan of the show (even though my 30th birthday is rapidly approaching, I'm not ashamed). I actually spent $30 at a West Village bar jukebox playing every song off the first volume of the Glee Soundtrack.

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I'm writing with a request. Please, PLEASE, come to Long Island on your brief tour for us Gleeks. I understand the allure of Radio City Music Hall (Buy tickets here). But Nassau Coliseum would be cool, too, right?

First, and foremost, Jenna Ushkowitz, aka Tina, is a hometown girl! Raised in East Meadow, she attended Holy Trinity High School in Hicksville. What greater joy for Jenna than to sing and dance in front of her hometown crowd.

Matthew Morrison, my future husband, is a rabid Mets fan. I don't know this for 100 percent sure, but based on him regularly being photographed wearing an Amazins hat, I feel like it's a good assumption. Also, who would risk the jeering and possible embarassment of wearing a Mets hat unless they were a fan? I realize the Mets are in Flushing. But Queens is technically part of Long Island. Ask anyone who lives there. There's another hometown connection.


Anyway, it's difficult for us LIers to get to the city sometimes in the summer. And while we're at it, the air in the city when the temperature goes above 65 is just putrid. Out here on the Island, there's water on THREE SIDES. There's always a breeze, and it never smells like a mixture of dirty socks and garbage. So please, consider doing a show here for your die-hard, forever-devoted Long Island fans. The ice teas that share our namesake (which Jane Lynch claimed she was drunk on the first time she saw Madonna's "Material Girl" video) will be on me after the show.

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Love always,