Yes, that's a bold, bold headline, full of such promise and hyperbole. Only not so much hyperbole.

We'll save the flowery language to describe the Stuffed Artisan Cannolis and instead give you a simple set of instructions.

1. Get in your car and drive to one of these three Whole Foods locations on Long Island: Jericho (429 N. Broadway), Manhasset (2101 Northern Blvd.) or Lake Grove (120 New Moriches Rd).
2. Find the desserts/pastries aisle.
3. Buy a box of Stuffed Artisan Cannolis.
4. Eat them.
5. Return here to comment and tell me that I was right.

The cannolis are flavored, with such treats as cappucino, coconut, chocolate and dulce de leche.

Those, plus the original, are the five flavors Whole Foods keeps in stock right now. For the truly outrageous experience of a banana cream pie cannoli, or a red licorice cannoli, or a peanut butter and jelly cannoli, you need to head to their store on Manhattan's Lower East Side, 176 Stanton St. to be precise. Trust me when I write that each cannoli tastes exactly like its flavored namesake, much the way Ralph's Italian Ices do.

More than 75 flavors exist, with about 20 or so different ones available each day. It all depends on what chef and proprietor Anthony Fontana feels like making that week. (And what's selling well, of course.) Scout out Fontana's entire cannoli collection at

When you get there, tell him I sent you. That probably won't get you all that far, but it's worth a shot.

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