Lights, camera, corkscrews.

Whether it's Groucho Marx or Anthony Hopkins on the virtues of Chianti, or Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman toasting with Champagne, wine has been a part of the movies. Pass the popcorn.

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Now, Turner Classic Movies is raising its own glass with the TCM Wine Club in a brand-extension effort.

Wines That Rock, which has produced tributes to the Grateful Dead and Pink Floyd among others, has created the first group of movie-themed wines. TCM also has partnered with Direct Wines, a direct-to-consumer operation.

The first wines include Cafe Zoetrope Merlot, vinted and bottled by Francis Ford Coppola Winery, and named for the pre-animation device, with a nod to Coppola's American Zoetrope studio and the cafe-bistro that's at headquarters, too; True Grit Limited Edition Zinfandel, heralding both Jeff Bridges and John Wayne; and The Essentials Cabernet Sauvignon, a reference to the TCM show highlighting landmark films.

The club's initial offering is 15 bottles for $79.99. It includes the three movie-inspired choices and a dozen bottles from smaller wineries around the world. That selection process will include wines from Italy, Spain, Chile, Argentina, Australia, and more.

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Tasting notes with the wines discuss what's in the bottle and which TCM films imbibers should see. The Cafe Zoetrope Merlot, of course, could be paired with "The Godfather," which has its own odes to vino from the wedding scene onward.

The Essentials is suggested with a viewing of "Bullitt," the 1968 Steve McQueen movie know for its dark notes, which might lead you to cabernet sauvignon. "The wine's finish isn't quite as long as that famed 10-minute, 53-second car chase, but it's close."

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