With so many Italian spots doing double duty as both pizzeria and restaurant, it makes sense that some use both the pizza oven and the pizza dough to dual effect.

At the following pizzeria-trattorias, the bread, focaccia and rolls are fresh out of the pizza oven.

ANTHONY'S COAL FIRED PIZZA, Carle Place and Woodbury

The coal oven at this Florida-based pizza chain also is used to make focaccia, which is seasoned with salt, pepper and rosemary olive oil. The freshly baked rounds are folded around sandwich fillings to form half moons. Cut into triangles, the bread is plated with both oven-baked wings and the meatballs.


What looks like ordinary Italian bread is actually a chewy-crusted loaf of house-baked pizza dough. It has a hearty texture and the fragrance of yeast.

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EMILIO'S, Commack

At this long-standing Commack favorite, freshly baked triangular rolls and focaccia made from pizza dough dominate the breadbaskets, which also contain bakery rolls.