Founded in 1979, the Mama behind this Mama's is Angela Anzoloni, grandmother of Teresa Passafiume. Passafiume and her husband, John, took over the restaurant in 2000 from her uncle, the original owner. Hidden behind a casual pizzeria is a white-tableclothed, vaguely grotto-esque dining room offering an extensive menu of Italian-American classics (including some relative rarities such as spaghetti with tripe) and the belly-busting "Mama's Delight alla Napoletana," with stuffed shells, eggplant rollatini, ravioli, lasagna, ziti, manicotti, veal, sausage and peppers and chicken Parmesan. What really distinguishes Mama's is its extensive gluten-free menu which features almost as many items as the regular menu.

Mother's Day: Open 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., serving regular menu plus Mother's Day prix fixe (regular and gluten free). Reservations accepted.