Lunch today at Massa’s, the nearest coal-oven pizzeria to Newsday. I hadn’t been there since founder Bill Massa sold the business in January, but I am happy to report that the pizza is still worth seeking out. Our Margherita pie, half sausage, had a fine balance of ingredients and everything—tomatoes, cheese, sausage—tasted fresh and true. The tomatoes, however, were a bit on the wet side, lending the pie a slight, but unfortunate sogginess.

If this wasn’t a fluke, I hope the new owner will address the problem. His oven is capable of putting out a perfect pizza.

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We split a “Frankies chopped salad,”and were impressed at how romaine lettuce, red onions, unripe tomatoes and jarred peppers, could come together to form a very tasty salad. I’m going to test out a new hypothesis: any salad is better when chopped.

Massa’s is at 146 West Jericho Tpke, Huntington 631-935-0200.