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SWINGBELLYS BEACHSIDE BBQ, Long Beach: Reopening in May
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SWINGBELLYS BEACHSIDE BBQ, Long Beach: Reopening in May following massive renovations, this barbecue spot is back to slow-smoking ribs, brisket, chicken and pulled pork. What used to be a platform dining area is gone; now, everything is on a single level -- the bar on one side, tables on the other. Sidewalk seating is another option.(Credit: Linda Rosier)

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South Shore restaurants, rebuilt after Sandy

Take a walk through Long Island's South Shore towns and you may have a hard time believing that, a mere eight months ago, superstorm Sandy set tables and refrigerators floating down streets, ripped out sections of buildings and submerged entire kitchens and dining rooms. It took superhuman strength -- of spirit and body -- to navigate the insurance maze, renovate and rebuild. Although many restaurants never made that comeback, a surprisingly large number have. --JOAN REMINICK, joan.reminick@newsday.com

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