Long Island's Japanese restaurants range from the modest sushi joint to glitzy showstoppers. Here are three that definitely fall into the second category.

GINZA, Massapequa

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Near Sunrise Mall, on a former Sizzler site, this temple rises: opulent, angular, eye-catching, down to the cascading aluminum chains. Recommended: miso black cod, teriyaki-glazed meatballs and sushi/sashimi of fish from Tokyo's Tsukiji market.


When lively and vivid approaches over-the-top, you're clearly at Nisen Sushi. Sample the creative handrolls and cylindrical rolls; spicy tuna gyoza; miso black cod; the Kobe-style beef slider trio; lobster tacos; and the traditional sushi, too. An offspring of Nisen Woodbury.


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This glittery establishment looks as if it could become a nightclub with the flip of a chopstick. Curves and swirls, rough and smooth stone, bamboo plants. Hard to miss, even tucked in a shopping center. Recommended: the colorful, imaginative sushi rolls; miso-cured cod.