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TOP PICK ? CHEESEBURGER at Houston's ($16 at
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TOP PICK – CHEESEBURGER at Houston's ($16 at lunch, $17 at dinner), Garden City: At the handsome Roosevelt Field branch of a small national chain, the loosely formed patty comes off an oak-fired grill gorgeously crusted, rich-tasting, subtly imbued with wood smoke. The chuck is ground in house and seasoned with a proprietary spice blend before hitting the fire. It's served on a house-made, butter-grilled egg bun topped with Cheddar, lettuce, excellent tomatoes, mayonnaise, pickles and onions. Sharing the plate are shoestring fries.(Credit: Jin Lee)

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The 10 best burgers on Long Island

You'll know it at first bite -- that one burger delectable enough to steal your heart. You might meet it at a casual order-at-the counter eatery. Or a dark and atmospheric pub -- the old-fashioned kind or the newfangled gastro variety. Even at a dedicated burger cafe. Anywhere, really. Accordingly, our 10 favorite Long Island burgers come from all over. They're listed alphabetically -- except for the number one pick, which owns top spot. -- JOAN REMINICK, joan.reminick@newsday.com