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Fortune Wheel, Levittown: Nearly hidden away in the
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Fortune Wheel, Levittown: Nearly hidden away in the Nassau Mall, this bastion of authentic Hong Kong-style cuisine is hopping on weekends, when dim sum lovers converge for shumai, lotus-wrapped sticky rice and steamed roast pork buns. At dinner, you'll also find dumplings on the menu, along with a compelling roster of regional specialties and casseroles. (Pictured: walnut shrimp.)(Credit: Nicole Horton)

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The best Asian restaurants on Long Island: Eat here now

The world's largest continent has been very good to Long Island -- at least when it comes to restaurants. Yet out of the vast array of Asian restaurants populating the LI dining scene, only a handful have stayed true to national and regional culinary traditions. Or excelled when representing more than one country at a time. Those best few are represented by these 10 restaurants, listed alphabetically. They serve, respectively, the food of China, Thailand, India and Vietnam.