Chances are your No. 1 New Year's resolution is to get in better shape. But you already know the cold truth: Winter makes it tougher to exercise.

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The National Institute on Aging says if you want to take that daily walk, warm up your muscles before going outside. Walk around your house for a few minutes while lightly pumping your arms. When you go outside, wear layers of loosefitting clothes and a hat. For a cold-weather exercise tip sheet, go to the NIA website at exercise.

On those days when it's snowy or just too cold, try to exercise indoors. Even a bracing walk around a shopping mall is helpful. Stony Brook University Medical Center and the Smith Haven Mall in Lake Grove sponsor the Mall Walkers Club, which meets on the last Wednesday of each month at 8 a.m. Registration is free. For information, call 631-444-4000. Check the mall nearest you to see if a similar program is offered.