The dog days of summer could take a toll on your waistline. Dietitians from Loyola University Health System pass along these summer eating tips:

STAY CONSISTENT Vacations, barbecues and other summer events can disrupt anyone's meal patterns and quickly add pounds. Enjoy the getaways and get-togethers, but make sure to return to a steady diet plan when they're over.

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BRING YOUR OWN If you're a guest at a barbecue, bring a healthy salad or vegetable side dish. This will ensure you will have a nutritious alternative that can help avoid overindulging on high-calorie foods and snacks.

WHOLE NEW BALLGAME If you're headed to a baseball game, pack some healthy snacks and juice boxes. Most food available at ballpark concession stands is laden with fat and calories.

WALK IT OFF After a heavy meal, take advantage of the summer nights and go for a stroll.