If blood pressure is a concern, putting on a cuff could help. A new study concluded that those who regularly monitor their blood pressure at home have better numbers than those who don't.

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The National Institutes of Health defines high blood pressure as readings higher than 140 systolic (the top number)/ 90 diastolic (the bottom number). In the study, researchers at Tufts Medical Center in Boston found that people who monitored their blood pressure at home improved their systolic numbers by 3.9 points and their diastolic by 2.4 points. Of course, anyone with high blood pressure should be under a doctor's care.

Home blood-pressure monitors can be found at retailers such as Walmart and Target. Amazon.com also has a large selection of monitors. You can pay less than $20 for a basic model. Models that store readings or have other bells and whistles will be more expensive.