From Thanksgiving through New Year's Eve, Americans gain, on average, about two pounds each. Thanksgiving is just the first salvo in the holiday-season eating bombardment. Now come holiday parties with their plates and platters of sweets and snacks.

What can you do? Here are some tips from St. Louis University Medical Center:

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Splurge wisely. If you're going to sample those special cookies and cakes, at least avoid the mundane everyday snacks like crackers and cheese.

Don't get bowled over. Move away from the giant bowl of chips. If you must partake, put two or three chips on a plate and walk away.

Save for later. If you know you're going to be tempted at an office party or friend's house, be sure to eat a small breakfast and a small lunch.

Imbibe a lot -- of water, that is. Drinking water fills you up and has zero calories.