Tip: Doris Day puts 'Heart' in new album

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As a singer, actress and activist, Doris Day has been a cultural icon for decades, entertaining and influencing generations, from the oldest seniors to the youngest boomers, their children and grandchildren. Now 87, Day has a new milestone: She has an album on the Billboard charts for the first time in 47 years.

"My Heart," which was released last month, features songs that were recorded years ago but never made it onto albums. Most were recorded in the mid-1980s. Among the songs are "Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries" and versions of the Lovin' Spoonful's "Daydream" and Joe Cocker's "You Are So Beautiful." In a news release to announce the album, Day said all proceeds will go to the Doris Day Animal Foundation (ddaf.org).

Day's last album to make it onto the Billboard charts was "Love Him!" in 1964.

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