Almost every conflict in Star Wars Battlefront unfolds with a high level of intensity and drama that parallels the excitement of George Lucas’ original “Star Wars” trilogy. But the thrill of piloting an X-Wing fighter or soaring through the air as Boba Fett doesn’t last. Once the magic of stepping into the movies wears off, Star Wars Battlefront proves light on maps, weapons and progression systems. The feeling of extreme repetition sinks in early, and outside of enjoying the minute-to-minute Star Wars warfare, hardly any of the unlockables delivers a compelling reason to invest more time. The game has nine multiplayer modes. Each avenue of play unfolds in maps set across four locations: Hoth, Endor, Tatooine and Sullust. The best parts of the experience unfold in just two modes: Supremacy, a war over controlling territories, and Walker Assault, a game of attack and defend featuring enormous and heavily armored All-Terrain-Armored-Transports.