Many of the girls in our class visited Jennifer Napolitano School of Performing Arts in Seaford and we loved it! This school offers a lot of different types of dance classes such as tap, hip-hop, and lyrical, just to name a few. Most of the classes are about an hour.

Classes are open to kids ages 2-18. If you like to dance, you can dance seven days a week. This school also gets the kids involved in professional competitions and has been to regional and national championship events. They have a professional show every year, too. It is open to boys, too! Some of the kids even move on to work on Broadway or star in TV commercials and music videos. There are 10 teachers at the school and it has been open five years.

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Jennifer Napolitano is the owner and a teacher as well. She was a performer on Broadway before starting this school. Dance is her passion and as she told us, it defines who she is. She wants to instill her love for the performing arts in others. We are so impressed with her dedication and the way she conducts her classes.

We took a class when we visited. We were able to dance with Jennifer and many of her students and we had so much fun. Jennifer was sweet and loving and that is why we think so many kids keep coming to her school. We also liked how helpful her students were. If we were having a problem, they were able to help us master a step or move. If you like dance as much as we do, visit and take a class!

The school is at 3951 Merrick Rd., Seaford. Call 516-785-7827.