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Moving into the dorm? There's a bellhop for that

For a flat $95 fee, Campusbellhops.com will provide

For a flat $95 fee, Campusbellhops.com will provide two college students who will carry all your child's stuff from your car to his or her dorm room on move-in day. (Credit: Handout)

Dreading the day you have to move your child into the dorm? What if two strapping college lads could show up at your car as soon as you pull up and unload everything for you? No more sweating, waiting for elevators, hassling with the chaos?

The dream has come true, thanks to a new business called Campus Bellhops. Two Auburn University grads launched the business in 2011 at their Alabama alma mater hoping to move in 25 people – and wound up moving in 250 people in three days.

“We said, ‘OK, we’ve got a market, and we need to grow,” says co-founder Cameron Doody. In 2012, Campusbellhops.com expanded to eight universities in the Southeast, and this year they’re working at 70 campuses in 48 cities.

For a $95 flat fee, two bellhops wearing signature neon-green caps will meet you at the car and do the heavy lifting. For $70 an hour, with an hour and a half minimum, bellhops will also help move your child into off-campus apartments. The bellhops are exclusively college students who attend your child’s university. The company slogan: “Student Muscle For Moving Day.”

While some schools offer volunteer students to help people move, “Parents don’t want to hope they get a volunteer when they pull up on moving day,” Doody says. With Campus Bellhops, help is guaranteed.

Check campusbellhops.com to see if the service is offered on your child’s campus and to book your bellhops.

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