“It’s a tie!”

The announcement sent an excited ripple through the crowd at the Centereach High School homecoming pep rally Friday afternoon. Gasps, gleeful cheers and exclamations of “What?” stood out amongst the chaos.

On Friday, two students were crowned as homecoming duchesses of the Centereach sophomore class: Jennifer Barry and Juliana Dovi. Kyle Costa was crowned as duke.

It’s safe to say the moment of victory won’t be forgotten anytime soon by either duchess.

“I was excited because that means two people get the happiness of winning," Dovi said.

Dovi is a member of the junior varsity softball team and serves as the sophomore class treasurer. Barry participates in varsity sports soccer and lacrosse, while Costa has competed in two national cheerleading championships.

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“I feel really honored that everyone in my grade voted for me and thought I fulfilled the requirements to be the duke,” Costa said. “It was really cool just standing up in front of everyone and being recognized.”

For the seniors, Robert Montgomery and Annalie Buscarino were named homecoming king and queen.