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It's more a casting dare than a casting call.

Nerdy Ben Affleck really will play Batman in the next "Man of Steel" movie. Apparently, a broad chest and a somber demeanor are no longer required for the Caped Crusader role.

What could be weirder than this? Pee-Wee Herman as Superman?

Sorry, that job's already taken in director Zack Snyder's as-yet-untitled superhero matchup, set for release in summer 2015. Henry Cavill will return as Krypton's most famous world-saving emigrant.

But from Gotham City to Metropolis, things are clearly in super flux. Some screen-comic purists were grumbling at week's end over the pair's first-ever joint big-screen appearance. Ben might be batty, they were saying, but not in a Batman way. And his rocky run-up -- "Gigli"! "Surviving Christmas"! -- gave the grumblers plenty to grumble about. It was Ben, don't forget, who vowed after "Daredevil" never to play a superhero again.

Excellent advice, the comi-connoisseurs are saying now. It'll take a whole lot more than directing "Argo" to give Ben real highflying box-office cred, even if people do start calling him "Batfleck."

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They already have?

How heroic is that?


1. Chelsea Manning

2. North West

3. Mayor Creepy

4. Canada Cruz

5. Alex Rodroidz

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THE NEWS IN SONG: Worth it, after all: Not all heroes are super: Lazlo Bane, "I'm No Superman," tinyurl.com/duperhero


No one can say for certain how much energy or attention Carl Bernstein will devote to his new j-prof gig at Stony Brook University. With his books, his talking-head duties and his 40-year hero career, he's always had his hands full. But if the one-half of the most famous reporting duo on earth can inspire even a handful of next-generation journos, this boldface hire will be worth the money and more. He arrives on campus as his chosen profession is in deep self-analysis. He redefined the news landscape once already. Who says he can't do it again?Email Ellis@henican.com

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