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Judy Cartwright writes the Community Watchdog column

The utility pole in front of our house was replaced after superstorm Sandy, but the new pole continues to be supported by a guy-wire attached to our cherry tree. I can understand this is a temporary measure, but it's a year-and-a-half later. The utility company to its credit put boards under the guy-wire to prevent it from cutting into the tree.

-- Allan Johanson, Port Washington

Goodbye, guy-wire.

PSEG Long Island dispatched a crew to the cherry tree last month within 24 hours of our inquiry. Workers determined that the wire, which had been installed as a temporary measure to add stability, was no longer needed.

Company officials said they were unaware of the issue and fixed it as soon as we called.

"Once it was brought to our attention, we had a crew safely rectify the situation," PSEG Long Island spokeswoman Elizabeth Flagler said in an email.

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Our first query had gone to Verizon, where spokesman John Bonomo told us that PSEG is generally responsible for installing telephone poles across Long Island and Verizon is often tasked with removing them after utilities have taken off their equipment, he said.

Residential customers with general inquiries for PSEG Long Island can call 631-755-6000; downed wires or power outages can be reported at 631-755-6900. Residents with Verizon-related issues can call 800-VERIZON.