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Rick Brand is a longtime Newsday reporter who writes about politics and government on Long Island.

Democratic congressional contender Anna Throne-Holst is launching her second cable TV ad Tuesday, using statewide political heavyweight Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, to tout her credentials.

“When Bridgehampton Day Care Center was failing, Anna turned it around, adding the services of Head Start,” Gillibrand says. “When Southampton was mismanaged, Anna turned that around, too, cutting debt and earning a triple A bond rating. Now we need Anna in Congress.”

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Gillibrand said Throne-Holst will ”fight for economic opportunity, common sense gun laws and a woman’s right to choose.”

It is the first time that Gillibrand has appeared in a Democratic primary TV ad in the state, although she has endorsed her former aide Colleen Deacon, who is involved in an upstate primary.

Gillibrand’s activism for female candidates is part of her ongoing campaign to make 51 percent of Congress female, said Glen Caplin, her campaign consultant.

Rahul Kale, spokesman for Throne-Holst’s congressional primary foe, David Calone, said Calone’s campaign has sent out five direct mail pieces, but has yet to go on TV.

Calone said he’s “happy to have the support of local elected officials throughout the district, including every Democratic elected official who served with my opponent.”