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Rick Brand is a longtime Newsday reporter who writes about politics and government on Long Island.

Frank Jones, who got the long-delayed Southwest sewer district moving in Suffolk County and helped lead the county’s fight against the Shoreham nuclear power plant, has a new beachhead.

The Islip Town board two week ago voted to name the town beach in Sayville that once was the Shoreham Beach Club after the former chief deputy county executive and Islip supervisor as “Jones Beach — East.”

Jones, 86, who lives near Palm Springs Calif., said he was surprised at the honor and jokingly warned Islip Supervisor Angie Carpenter not to name anything after someone not yet dead.

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“It’s not a good idea because they might do something to embarass you like Pete McGowan,” he said, referring to the former Islip supervisor who was convicted of misspending campaign funds.

Jones said the town condemned the beach property for $2 million to keep a private developer from constructing condominiums there. “A lot of people gasped at the time,” he recalled.

Well-regarded as a troubleshooter and quipster, Jones was once the top strategist for the county’s successful fight against Shoreham, which now is shuttered.

“I remember when we signed the contract with our attorneys warned us they had as much chance to block the plant as to stopping the earth’s rotation for 30 seconds,” Jones said.

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As he inked the agreement, he said, “I guess there’s only one way to find out.”