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Rick Brand is a longtime Newsday reporter who writes about politics and government on Long Island.

Richard Schaffer, Suffolk Democratic chairman, after giving Assemb. Kimberly Jean-Pierre $7,384 in party wages since January, has set a goal for her to register 1,000 new party members in the next seven weeks.

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Schaffer disclosed the goal in an email to the party faithful Friday telling them to contact Jean Pierre “who will be organizing this effort” for the party. “It’s no secret Democrats win when voters turnout,” he said, “But they cannot turnout if not registered.” Voters need to register to vote by Oct. 14.

Her primary foe, Jordan Wilson, says by taking money from the party, Jean-Pierre is less independent and doing less to represent constituents. “It’s clear her priority is not representing the 130,000 people in the district, her priority seem to be one person—herself,” he said.