Rep. Peter King told a political journalism organization that while he likes Jeb Bush for president he has considered supporting Donald Trump -- because the billionaire has "really tapped into something" with the American public.

"Trump is providing a certain leadership right now," King (R-Seaford) said, according to Politico.

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His comments were published Wednesday, days after he said in a TV interview that The Donald "talks like the guys I grew up with in Queens or Brooklyn; he talks like a real person."

King told Politico he's already ruled out candidates, "namely senators Ted Cruz and Rand Paul." Politico reported that King has previously accused both of "obstructionism and isolationism."

King had briefly considered his own candidacy, before he opted not to run.

As for whether he will support Bush or Trump?

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"It's too early to see who is going to be standing," King said, adding that at this point in the race, "I'm not sure who can make payroll next month."