An East Northport man was arrested at his home, where Suffolk police seized 106 pounds of marijuana, along with packages of the extract THC, scales, a money counter, and a pistol-grip shotgun and shells, officials said on Thursday.

Suffolk Police Commissioner Timothy D. Sini, who held a news conference Thursday afternoon to announce the bust, described the defendant, Steven Chesebrough, 33, as a wholesale marijuana dealer.

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Sini said the magnitude of Chesebrough’s business exposed the community to violence. “When you’re dealing in a large-scale marijuana business, you attract violence,” he said, including home invasions by rivals. “That’s why he armed himself.”

The seizure of the drugs — worth hundreds of thousands of dollars — is part of Sini’s policy of stepping up the use of search warrants. This one was executed overnight at Chesebrough’s Larkfield Road home.

“If you’re dealing drugs in Suffolk County, we’re coming for you,” he said.

Chesebrough had packaged the marijuana in plastic bags and canisters; the THC — the chemical that gives marijuana its narcotic effect — was contained in small brown envelopes labeled “Fly High Extract.”

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No arraignment information was available.