A Brentwood man has been charged with cruelty to animals because he did not provide proper food and shelter for his dogs, including one that had to be euthanized, the Suffolk County SPCA said Wednesday.

SPCA detectives charged Isaac Pizarro, 23, of Arthur Street, on April 29 with failure to provide proper sustenance and improper shelter, a misdemeanor charge, according to a news release.

The detectives went to the house after a complaint that the dogs were being neglected, the release said.

Suffolk County SPCA Chief Roy Gross said in a telephone interview Wednesday that the dogs — a pit bull and a Cane Corso — were being kept in the backyard of the house in cages that were “totally inappropriate.”

Gross said that when the detectives arrived at the house they heard “whimpering” first and when they followed the noise they found the dogs in the backyard — each in a metal cage covered with a tarp.

“One was a female pit bull with its ribs showing and a piece of cardboard around her neck that was covering up an infected wound,” Gross said. “She later had to be euthanized.”

Gross said the reference to “sustenance” in the charge can mean many things ranging from a lack of food to the quality of the air animals are kept in and that in any case the dogs were not to be kept outside the way they were.

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“There was not enough room for them to stand up in the cages and turn around comfortably,” Gross said.

The surviving dog is in the custody of the Islip Animal Shelter, Gross said.

Pizarro was scheduled to appear at First District Court in Central Islip on July 29.