A Manhattan man who told a woman she was “pushing a dead baby” in a stroller was arrested Tuesday morning, after police found him lying nude on a psychotherapist’s couch in Hewlett, police said.

Craig Myczkowski, 44, followed the 65-year-old baby-sitter and 20-month-old child into the baby’s home in Woodmere on Monday afternoon before stealing the empty stroller, police said.

He was charged with attempted unlawful imprisonment, endangering the welfare of a child, burglary and petty larceny. Myczkowski, who court papers say is homeless, is undergoing treatment at Nassau University Medical Center. He was arraigned Wednesday afternoon by Nassau County Judge David McAndrews, who conducted the legal proceeding from the defendant’s bedside.

Myczkowski was ordered held on $600,000 bond or $300,000 cash bail. His next scheduled court date is Jan. 15.

He is represented by the Legal Aid Society, which did not immediately return a call seeking comment.

Myczkowski, who did not know the woman or child, was described by police as “somewhat transient.” He has a last known address of 181 E. Second St. in Manhattan, authorities said.

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His arrest history includes convictions for criminal trespassing and theft of services, both misdemeanors, records show.

“Having a stranger come into your house and ask you for your baby is ... really scary,” said Maryanne Barth, 57, of Woodmere, who lives a block from where the incident occurred.

Police did not identify the baby-sitter or the baby and declined to specify the baby’s gender.

Police said that the baby-sitter had been pushing the child in the stroller outside the West Broadway home about 12:15 p.m. Monday when Myczkowski walked up to her and said she was “pushing a dead baby,” insisting that he needed to take the child, police said.

Alarmed, the baby-sitter scooped up the child and went inside, locking herself in the kitchen, police said. Myczkowski walked into the mud room, which was unlocked, and shouted “give me the dead baby,” according to police.

Unable to get into the kitchen, Myczkowski picked up the empty stroller and left the property, police said.

“The sitter in this case did a phenomenal job” by locking the doors and protecting the child, LeBrun said.

Police said the stroller was later found at The Pizza Place at 1344 Broadway in Hewlett. Investigators released surveillance footage that allegedly shows Myczkowski inside the restaurant after the incident.