They robbed the Lucky Clover convenience store Thursday evening in East Islip, Suffolk County police said.

Turned out, it was a most unlucky decision.

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Sniffed out by a police dog named Chase and his Canine Section officer, Sam Barreto, the two suspects — identified as Daniel Dipaula and Matthew Ripple — were found and arrested at the nearby home of Dipaula. Both now are charged with second-degree robbery. They face arraignment Friday in First District Court in Central Islip, police said.

Police said Dipaula, 30, of First Avenue, East Islip, and Ripple, 25, of Saxon Avenue, Bay Shore, entered the Lucky Clover on West Main Street at 5:55 p.m. Thursday. They approached the clerk and demanded cash from the register, according to police.

Police said they stole cash and lottery tickets, then fled.

But, police said, Barreto and Chase responded, the dog doing what he does best — tracking the two men to Dipaula’s house on First Avenue.

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Police did not detail how much was stolen.