Several students in an after-school program at the Bellerose Elementary School in East Northport reported that they heard two young men walking past the school make threatening remarks, officials said.

The Northport-East Northport School District sent a “stranger danger” alert to parents Wednesday to inform them of the incident, which occurred about 4 p.m. Tuesday.

The district said it would provide additional security during the school day and for the after-school program.

“The students have differing recollections of the exact words but are in universal agreement that the language was intimidating and threatening,” the alert said.

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Assistant Police Commissioner Justin Meyers said in a statement that two men in their 20s, on bicycles “had a conversation with children near a fence” on the school’s property.

“The men did not attempt to abduct the children and no one was injured,” Meyers said. “Second Precinct Crime Section officers are still in the process of speaking to those who were present at the time.”