A Bay Shore man operated a chop shop of stolen motorcycles and ATVs from his home, selling the parts on Facebook and Craigslist, before he was busted Tuesday, Suffolk County police said.

Edison Vasquez, 19, was arrested after Third Precinct Crime Section Officer Daniel Fandrey started surveilling his New York Avenue home two weeks ago, said Det. Lt. Kevin Kane of the Third Precinct.

When police arrived with a search warrant, they found in the front yard and backyard the frames of two motorcycles and two all-terrain vehicles, parts that had ground-off vehicle identification numbers, chain hoists and cars that were in various stages of being dismantled, including a vehicle that was on blocks without tires, police said.

Vasquez, a part-time worker at an auto parts store, did his dismantling in the yards, police said.

“It wasn’t very discreet,” Kane said.

He used his home like a business, Kane said, and Islip Town building and zoning officials were there to issue code violations to the owner of the house.

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“It was more like a commercial premise than a residence,” Kane said.

Kane said the suspect stole the motorcycles and ATVs from sheds, garages and people’s homes but that there was no evidence the cars were stolen. He’d advertise the parts for cheap prices, police said.

Police said they are looking at whether he worked with others.

Vasquez was held for arraignment Wednesday on two counts of criminal possession of stolen property, two counts of illegal possession of a vehicle identification number, third-degree grand larceny and third-degree burglary.