With no homicides recorded in the past eight days in New York City -- during a cold snap -- Police Commissioner Ray Kelly is not complaining about the weather. He is embracing it.

"To the extent that weather plays a role, great," Kelly said to reporters early Friday about the absence of killings since Jan. 16. "We are rooting for more cold weather."

The dearth of new homicides has kept the official killing count through Thursday to 18 for 2013, compared with 27 last year, a difference of 33 percent.

But Kelly was quick to note that weather can be just one factor to explain a drop in homicides.

"It is difficult to point to one factor, but we are happy it is what it is and we believe our tactics and strategies are working," he said.

The bottom line is that weather may or may not be a factor in swings in homicides. Bad weather can even increase homicides, Kelly said.

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"Sometimes we have seen it where people who are forced to be inside, as a result of the weather, get violent," he said.

Police noted that the body of a woman, with no obvious signs of trauma, was found early Friday on the streets of Brooklyn. The medical examiner will determine the cause of death.