The Bangladeshi student charged last year with trying to launch a terror plot and blow up the Federal Reserve in lower Manhattan with a truck bomb is scheduled to plead guilty next week, according to court records.

Quazi Nafis, 21, an al-Qaida aspirant who sought co-conspirators on the Internet and instead ended up trying to carry out his bomb plot with an FBI undercover agent, had begun plea negotiations last year.

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A docket entry on the Brooklyn federal court website Thursday said "a guilty plea has been set" for Nafis on Feb. 7 before U.S. District Judge Carol B. Amon. A person familiar with the case confirmed the planned plea.

Nafis's lawyer, federal defender Heidi Cesare, declined to comment. A spokesman for Brooklyn U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch also did not comment.

It could not be determined what Nafis would be pleading guilty to. He has been charged with attempting to detonate a weapon of mass destruction and attempting to provide material support to al-Qaida. He faces up to life in prison.