The Scarsdale mom charged in 2013 with running a Queens grass grow-house and a pot-trafficking business compared to the TV series “Weeds” deserves leniency because she has committed to Christianity, her lawyer argued in a sentencing memo filed Friday in Brooklyn federal court.

Andrea Sanderlin, 48, “has been walking a righteous path for almost three years and is committed to continuing down that path,” wrote lawyer Corey Winograd, who contended that his client began dealing marijuana to support her young kids as a single mom.

Sanderlin’s marijuana business allowed her to drive a Mercedes, pay for a $10,000 horse and riding lessons for her children, and rent a big house next to a golf course in one of Westchester’s toniest villages. She was jailed for 6 weeks before making bail in 2013.

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“I’ve waited 35 years for her heart to become one with God’s heart and it happened during her 6 week stay in jail,” Sanderlin’s mother Trudy Byrns wrote in a letter to U.S. District Judge Brian Cogan.

Cogan is scheduled to sentence Sanderlin on April 14.