Three men who call themselves the “No Sleep Team” have been arrested after defacing six communities with graffiti over a two-month period, Suffolk County police said Monday.

The men spray painted more than 40 tags on 17 vehicles and 15 businesses between Jan. 15 and March 19 in Bayport, Sayville, West Sayville, Oakdale, Bohemia and Ronkonkoma, police said.

The three were identified as Robert Ungarino, 19, of Bohemia, charged with 14 counts of making graffiti; Kyle McDonnell, 19, of Ronkonkoma, charged with 12 counts of making graffiti; and Dillon Harrison, 20, of Ronkonkoma, charged with one count of making graffiti.

Ungarino and McDonnell were arrested March 19, police said, while Harrison was arrested Friday.

Each was given a desk appearance ticket and ordered to appear in court at a later date.

Sgt. Greg Heller of the Fifth Precinct’s crime section said in a telephone interview Monday that the No Sleep Team gave themselves that name because while others were sleeping, they were spraying graffiti.

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“They were going out after 12 [midnight]or sometimes after 3 o’clock in the morning, and I guess they’d stay out a couple of hours,” Heller said.

Heller said Ungarino told police he liked seeing his tag around and was “really proud of what he was doing.” He said Ungarino’s tag was an SK turned sideways, which he told authorities stood for “Suburban King.” Heller said Ungarino would add NST to his tag for the name of the team.

In an interview with News 12 Long Island Ungarino said of the graffiti: “It was for the love of the art, but at the same time, I could see how anyone would be mad.”

The other suspects could not be reached for comment.

McDonnell’s tag was the word “Bones” while Harrison’s tag was a skull, Heller said. Heller said Harrison was apparently new to the group.

Heller said the trio would drive around to find spots “they liked” that had no light or surveillance cameras, but he said police still captured them at some locations on surveillance video.

The three would park a distance away from their targets and then walk up with their spray paint cans in their pockets, Heller said.

Heller said Ungarino was arrested after Patrolman Lonny Krimski went to Ungarino’s house in response to an unrelated incident on March 19. He said the officer recognized some of Ungarino’s graffiti on papers in the house that the suspect was apparently using for practice.

A subsequent investigation led to the arrest of the other two men, Heller said. He added, “We’re still investigating” to see if the suspects defaced any other property.

Police asked anyone with information about the graffiti to call the Fifth Precinct at 631-854-8532.

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Police said the graffiti was found on 15 businesses at 13 addresses in Suffolk County. They include:

  • In Sayville, at 196 N. Main St., 1 Montauk Hwy., 297 W. Main St., 291 W. Main St., and 296 W. Main St.
  • In Bohemia, at 887 Church St., 1165 Smithtown Ave., and 4551 Sunrise Hwy. Service Road North.
  • In Oakdale, at 1430 Montauk Hwy., 1321 Montauk Hwy, and 1506 Montauk Hwy.
  • In West Sayville at 235 Montauk Hwy. and 245 Montauk Hwy.