Authorities on Saturday said they seized a capuchin monkey that was being kept illegally at a Brentwood home.

The Suffolk County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the state Department of Environmental Conservation removed the primate after receiving an anonymous complaint on Friday reporting the presence of the monkey at an undisclosed address in Brentwood.

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Authorities plan to take the monkey to a licensed wildlife facility on Sunday, SCPA Chief Roy Gross said.

The monkey appeared to be in good health and about 22 years old, he said.

Capuchins are one of the smartest primates and can live in captivity for about 50 years, Gross said, but are illegal to keep as a pet.

“You can’t legally own a primate in New York State without a special license,” Gross said. “They look adorable, but can be very dangerous and inflict serious wounds and spread disease.”

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The DEC charged the owner, whose name was not released, with illegal possession of an animal, Gross said. No animal cruelty violations were found.