Babylon Junior-Senior High School students in Lisa Consolo’s Transitioning to Life class went “green” this Earth Day and created a campaign aimed at encouraging their peers to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

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Using the building’s Apple computer lab, and with the help of Ms. Consolo and the district’s Coordinator of Assessment Data, Learning, and Technology Carole Polney-Marinello, the class used GarageBand software to create informational podcasts. Included in the students’ testimonials were reasons why it is important to take care of the Earth and several tips to implement in order to reduce, reuse, and recycle daily.

“This was the first time our class created podcasts but I have to say the finished projects came out great,” stated Ms. Consolo. “This assignment included a variety of disciplines and allowed the students to use skills they had not yet demonstrated.”
The students proudly presented their completed projects to Babylon Memorial Grade School students in Beth Marinelli’s class. As a special keepsake from the project, each student will receive a copy of their podcast on CD.