1 to 9 p.m. at East Moriches Elementary School.


The district proposes a $27,387,799 budget for 2017-18, a 1.91 percent increase from the current $26,874,825. The tax levy would increase by 1.76 percent, from $19,609,982 to $19,954,994. This increase is equal to the district’s tax-cap limit, so a simple majority vote is required to approve the budget.

School taxes on an average single-family home in the proposed budget would be $10,619, a 1.87 percent increase over the current $10,424. The proposed budget includes a 4 percent step increase and a 0.85 percent increase in teacher salaries, as well as full funding of a universal prekindergarten half-day program, and expansion of the foreign language program in the elementary school. The budget does not reduce any staff.

Two propositions are on the ballot. One would designate high schools for the district’s students, and the other would authorize the district to spend no more than $1,925,000 to improve the middle school’s HVAC system. The district said the propositions would not result in a tax increase.

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Incumbent Michael Griffin is running unopposed for one at-large seat with a three-year term.