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The district proposes a budget of $111,215,736 for 2017-2018, a 0.82 percent increase from the current $110,310,540. The tax levy would increase 1.62 percent, from $92,598,414 to $94,094,175.

This increase equals the district’s tax-cap limit, so a simple majority is needed to pass the budget. The district could not estimate the dollar amount of taxes on the average single-family home because Nassau County has yet to provide final assessment figures.

The proposed budget calls for a 1 percent increase in salaries and a step increase of 2.1 percent for teachers. It also includes multiple personnel decreases: a part-time social worker, one maintainer, a clerical assistant, and roughly nine teaching assistants. The number of teaching positions will remain unchanged from the current school year.


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Incumbent James Gounaris and Henry R. Zanetti are running unopposed for two by-seat positions. Terms are three years.