State may charge schools for Regents exams

Eighth-grade students prepare to take a Regents exam.

Eighth-grade students prepare to take a Regents exam. (June 18, 2010) (Credit: Newsday/Karen Wiles Stabile)

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The state of New York has paid the cost of Regents exams for students since 1865, through wars and depressions. But Albany's education chiefs say times are now so tough they are mulling the idea of charging school districts $5.93 per student to fund the exams.

Members of the state Board of Regents, who set educational policy, say they're distressed by the prospect of imposing fees for exams...

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Is charging schools for tests a good way for the state to raise money?

Yes. It's better than laying off teachers. No. It will still cost taypayers money.

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