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Feed Me video: Brownstones

My panini and soup combo at Brownstones, Amityville

My panini and soup combo at Brownstones, Amityville (Credit: Joan Reminick)

Customers partake of freshly brewed coffee, a quaint atmosphere and a decadent breakfast menu in this week's Feed Me video. Morning people from all over Nassau and Suffolk swarm to Brownstones in Amityville for the sweet-tooth lovers' stuffed French toast and creative interior design.

Owner Manny Kourounis describes the genesis of the coffee shop and its decor. "A lot of things that are here are the elements from my memories as a child growing up. When we decided to do a coffee house and needed a theme, I thought of the name Brownstones, and then everything else kind of just clicked into place."

Host Meredith Daniels receives a personal tour in the kitchen, where she is shown how the famous stuffed French toast is concocted.  

Videojournalist: Jim Staubitser (July 8, 2011)

At 55 Merrick Rd. in Amityville, this is a must-see brunch location.


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