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Huntington board to allow police a relief point at Jack Abrams school

The Huntington School board voted 6-1 to set up a relief point for Suffok County police officers at the Jack Abrams Intermediate School in Huntington Station.

The board approved the measure as long as the cost does not exceed an estimated $47,062.

“What I really wanted to do is get the board to step up and say, ‘Yes this a good idea we want to approve the expenditure’,” school board president Bill Dwyer said yesterday. “But at the same time cap the expenditure.”

If the board moves ahead, a janitor’s room and bathroom in the rear of the building will be renovated and security cameras and a six-foot-high fence around a parking lot installed. Officers patrolling the sector will check in there and use the room as an office.

School board member Rich McGrath, above right,  voted no at the Monday night meeting saying the town created the problem.

“The town should close the ill conceived day laborer site a few blocks away, and use the 100K a year they waste on this site,” McGrath said referring to the school.

Huntington town spokesman A.J. Carter said it’s a matter between the school district and the police.

The school community’s concerns about safety have been heightened since an uptick in violence was noticed earlier this year in the neighborhood.

Police commissioner Richard Dormer said the relief point is a good idea and they will move in as soon as the facility is ready.

Huntington Town Board member Mark Cuthbertson who suggested the move from the Huntington Community First Aid Squad said it’s a good start.

“But all of the other things have to continue to come together,” Cuthbertson said.
County Executive Steve Levy said yesterday that starting Wednesday Huntington Station residents will see permanent day shift foot patrols and in coming weeks, the installation of video surveillance cameras.

“We mean business,” Levy said. “We understand the people are concerned and we’re not going to waste any time.”

On Thursday, Levy said he will meet with community activist Delores Thompson to go over issues in Huntington Station as he does on a regular basis. “It is related to some of the things that have been happening of late,” Levy said. “But we would be having this meeting anyway.”

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