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Recycling tour begins again

Councilman Stuart Besen recently kicked off his 2009-2010 town-wide recycling road show by speaking with more than 600 students, grades three through five, at the James H. Boyd Intermediate School in Elwood about the environmental importance of recycling.

The genesis of Besen's School Recycling Program, entitled: S.T.A.R.T (Schools/Town Actively Recycling Together) began in 2006, when he first spoke to fourth graders at Sunquam Elementary School. This was a pilot program set up by the school administration and PTA whereby the fourth graders would become the stewards of recycling in their school. Since that time, Besen has presented this program to more than 8,500 students throughout the eight school districts. “I proud to announce that we currently have 39 out of 60 Public School Buildings participating in the Town’s S.T.A.R.T. Program,” Besen said. “That relates to sixty five percent of the town-wide school districts who are onboard and actively recycling.”
In the photo above, Besen is behind the students with Margy Greene, assistant principal, and teacher Carolyn Zielinski.

Students are having fun learning the different facts presented, whether it be how long it takes certain materials to disintegrate or what products can be made from ‘trash’. “The children are presented with fun and informative facts that they can relate to,” said Besen. “Recycling is becoming just part of their normal routine and each of them are spreading the word on how important and easy it is in helping save our precious environment.”

Schools interested in having a presentation scheduled are encouraged to contact the councilman’s office at 631-351-3171 or via e-mail to .

Stephen Jimenez works for the Town of Huntington.

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