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Two energy events in town

The not-for-profit organization Renewable Energy Long Island (RELI) is hosting two free events in Huntington in October in an effort to encourage a greener and cleaner Long Island.

On Friday, Oct. 3, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., three solar-powered homes — in East Northport, Huntington Station (above) and Greenlawn — and the National Grid facility in Melville will be featured as part of RELI’s island-wide tour of about 70 sites that use solar energy or other green building features.

The event is part of a national tour organized by the American Solar Energy Society. Last year, 140,000 visitors attended nationwide.

On the local tour, visitors can learn directly from community residents about forms of clean energy and ways to save on utility bills.

One of the featured homes, the Perlman residence in East Northport, has a small solar electric system that was installed by the owners themselves. “Even though our roof is not fully covered [by direct sunlight] because some of it faces north, we save overall about a third on our energy bill,” said homeowner Ellie Perlman.

In addition at the National Grid facility, on Hub Drive in Melville, visitors will be given insulation and solar thermal demos and learn about high-efficieny heating equipment; refreshments will also be served.

The self-guided tour is free, but visitors will need to obtain a pass from RELI. (See Web site address below.)

On Oct. 13, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., RELI and the town will host a free LIPA seminar at Huntington Town Hall on Route 25A. The sit-down presentation will feature RELI and LIPA staff and a solar and wind contractor.

“At the end, there will be time for a Q&A and also the opportunity to interact directly with various solar and wind installers present,” said Gordian Raacke, RELI’s executive director.

“Attendees will learn how solar and wind energy systems works, how much they cost, and what the rebates and tax credits are. They will also get an idea as to whether this would work for their specific property. Additionally, we provide a Web calculator where people can calculate how much a solar electric system would cost for their specific home based on their actual electricity consumption,” he said.

To register for an event or for more information, go to

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