MERRICK - As temperatures drop, volunteers in Nassau and Suffolk counties are working to help restore power to the nearly 200,000 Long Islanders still in the dark. A team of volunteer firefighters and electricians are working with Empire Electric Inspectors of New York to check homes for water damage. A week after Hurricane Sandy hit, they're going door-to-door to check electrical panels in some of Long Island's hardest-hit communities. The volunteers must fill out forms and pass them onto the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) before the utility company will restore power. Residents say they're livid that LIPA hasn't told them when they'll get their power back. They say they haven't been informed of how LIPA determines which neighborhoods they're working in. News 12 Long Island attempted to get clarity about LIPA's timeframe and asked why there was a delay in starting this process, but did not get answers. The utility company did say tomorrow's storm could impact these efforts.LIPA: Less than 200K in the darkCold, fed up LIers frustrated with LIPA response