The Village of Islandia can proceed with a lawsuit against Suffolk County over who gets the revenue from traffic tickets issued on the Long Island Expressway.

A state Supreme Court ruling issued Feb. 19 found that the village can continue with the lawsuit after Suffolk County filed a motion to have the complaint dismissed.

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In December 2013, the village attorney filed the lawsuit saying the county has taken about $500,000 in yearly revenue away from Islandia.

The village, which lies between exits 57 and 59 off the LIE, used to hear traffic violations committed within its borders in its Village Justice Court, and it collected revenue from fees. In 2013, the county changed the process to hear traffic violations and collect fees in the county's Traffic and Parking Violations Agency.

"It just shows that the judge agrees with us. We have a legitimate beef with Suffolk County taking our money, taking our fines from our traffic tickets that we've had for the past 30 years in the village," Islandia Mayor Allan Dorman said.

Suffolk County spokesman Justin Meyers said in an emailed statement, "We do not comment on ongoing litigation matters."

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Dorman said the next step is to enter into the discovery phase of the lawsuit.