Chuck Rothman,57,

then of Southold and now

of Schenectady. Instructional technologist at Siena

College and author of "Staroamer's Fate."

I vividly remember Newsday's humor story before the season. They jokingly predicted the Mets would win the World Series. The whole thing was ridiculous, except they got the result right.

I was a senior at the time and playoff games were in the afternoon. I was in school for most of them. I was able to watch the fourth game , but for the fifth game I was just getting word from other kids and checking the TV in the gym between classes.

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I was in my last period when Game 5 ended. Somebody came up and told us and we went nuts, jumping around. It was unbelievable. I got downstairs to the gym in time to see the celebration. . . . Saw the fans tearing up the Shea Stadium turf.