Joseph Schineller, 40, Virginia. Now a brewmaster, Schineller was just a few weeks old and living in North Massapequa in 1969 when he wore a baseball "stretchie" and the Mets won the first game he "watched" on TV.


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I was born on Sept. 1 and I guess that was going into the '69 Mets World Series. And my dad, being originally a big Brooklyn Dodgers fan and then New York Mets fan, used me as a baby good-luck charm in front of the TV set for all of the Mets games.

I still have this baby suit that he had put me in - it's a little kind of jumper baby suit with a baseball on the front of it, and he called it my Mets suit and sat me in front of the TV for all the Mets games and the '69 World Series. And basically I guess I was his good luck charm and eventually grew a great liking for baseball, and the Mets as well, afterward when I grew up.

I've even tried it with my own son. A couple of years ago the Mets were going for the playoffs and I thought I'd try to dress my son up in the same suit, which was pretty nasty at that point. I put him in front of the TV, but it didn't work for him. It turned out the Mets were kinda falling apart that year.

[Editor's note: The dad, Joseph Schineller, confirms the 1969 story: "I was such a big Mets fan and so devoted to the fact that we had to win this World Series, that I indeed told my wife, 'You gotta make him wear this suit every day, and he and I have to watch the game,' and that's what we did."]