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Victoria Grempel, 17, commutes from her home in
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Victoria Grempel, 17, commutes from her home in Wantagh, taking the 6:13 a.m. train to Manhattan, where she then changes for the subway to take her to the Professional Children's School, and then, after classes, to ballet classes at Steps on Broadway on West 74th Street, after which she takes the 7:30 p.m. back home. Here, she waits for the No. 1 train at Penn Station to take her uptown to Columbus Circle, which is near her school. (Feb. 17, 2012)(Credit: Linda Rosier)

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Commuter students

Next stop, high school. Victoria Grempei of Wantagh catches the 6:13 a.m. train to Penn Station every weekday. Nicholas Vernice of Garden City is also up bright and early, and treks to Manhattan on the 6:41 train. What's so unusual about that? They're in high school, and they go to class in the city, like more than 100 other Long Island kids who bypass Long Island's mass of schools to hit the books in the city that never sleeps. We follow them, from start to finish, on a very long school day.

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